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Variable Frequency Drive

Maximize power, uptime, and flexibility

Blaze King's patented variable frequency drive let's your team focus on fireproofing.

Discover the Four Main Advantages of Variable Frequency Drive Technology

Adjustable AC drive blower speeds minimize blower torque and extend the life of the motor.

Ease in and out of each spraying session with our patented variable speed blower. Graduated startup minimizes blower torque and extends the life of the motor. It also allows fine tuning of blower speeds to accommodate the demands of each unique project. Combined with various noise suppression filters, Blaze King runs more quietly, safer, and longer than any other fireproofing sprayer in it’s class.

VFD Transformers accommodate multiple incoming power voltages keeping your motors safe.

Our competitors’ systems rely on the operator to under­stand how to make incoming power voltages compatible with their AC and DC drives using a multi-position dial switch. Most operators do not understand voltage requirements or simply forget to do this step. Mismatched voltages can cause excessive heating and damaged motors. The Blaze King VFD automatically accommodates differences in the incoming power voltage to keep your motors safe and running longer.

NEMA Type 14/4 rated electrical enclosure keeps your electronics clean and dry.

Our NEMA Type 14/4 rated electrical enclosure keeps the onboard electronics clean and dry. Our competitors’ designs allow moisture to accumulate into the enclosure which can increase the risks of electrical shock.

Onboard circuit breakers & fuses protect Blaze King’s electrical components.

Blaze King’s use of circuit breakers protects the wiring from an over current shock hazard. The disconnect is also sealed to the enclosure to denies water access to the electrical enclosure. Protect your fireproofing equipment.

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