Tackle any Industrial fireproofing project with the Blaze King Fireproofing Machine

Spray Isolatek and Cafco fireproofing materials on steel beams, columns, joists, walls, and floors with ease. Blaze King is the most powerful industrial dry spray fireproofing machine tested and approved by Isolatek International. Fireproofing and construction professionals choose the Blaze King fireproofing machine for its safety, flexibility, long reach, and ease of maintenance.

Fireproofing Leaders Choose the BlazeKing Fireproofing Machine for Heavy-duty Industrial Fireproofing


Blaze King excels where other industrial fireproofing sprayers fall short

  • Most powerful fireproofing pump on the market.
  • Scores highest in jobsite safety
  • Designed for streamlined on-site maintenance
  • Highly mobile design covers the largest area of any industrial fireproofing sprayer
  • Works in below freezing temperatures
  • Expert virtual support
  • VFD technology Learn More
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Protect your fireproofing team. Only the Blaze King Fireproofing machine has…

  • An audible start alarm
  • Two emergency stop buttons
  • Reduce extension cable clutter with our onboard 110V outlet.
  • 45dB Noise Reduction Silencer
  • Electrical disconnect switch
  • Onboard breaker switches for all major components

Maximize uptime with the fireproofing machine designed to streamline maintenance

  • 5 PSI pressure relief Valve for packed hose
  • Blower PSI pressure gauge alerts users to hose obstructions.
  • Blaze auto-compensates for incoming voltage differences. This prevents motor burnout and simplifies jobsite power requirements.
  • Graduated startup minimizes blower torque and extends the life of the motor.
  • Accessible panel design
  • Can be maintained in the field
  • Detailed maintenance schedule is included with each machine.

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Expand your fireproofing coverage with our highly mobile platform

  • 6 inch swivel casters
  • Forklift access from all sides
  • Faster to set up and clean up
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Mobile Fireproofing SystemMobile Fireproofing System

Expert support is one call away

Blaze King does some serious heavy lifting. From time to time all high power equipment needs maintenance. Schedule a video session with one of our engineers and troubleshoot any issues on-site with the help of interactive 3D images. Need a custom solution? We can do that too.

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